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Predator Paintball has been serving the Sacramento Paintball community for over 27 years. We carry all the major paintball brands.

Dye Paintball, Proto Paintball, GoG Paintball, NXE Paintball, Planet Eclipse, Evil Paintball, Virtue Paintball, MacDev, Empire Paintball, Sly Paintball, HK Army, Gen X Global, TechT Paintball, JT Paintball, V-Force Paintball, Draxxus Paintball, Tippmann Paintball, Kingman/Spyder, Dangerous Power, CP Custom Products, Exalt Paintball, BT (Battle Tested) Paintball, Valken Paintball, Raza and More.

Customer service has been the key to our success for the past 27 years.

Being in business for over 27 years, is not an easy task. The key to out success is are superior customer service and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers. When you shop with Predator Paintball rest assured you will be getting the best customer service that the paintball industry has to offer.

Predator Paintball is always changing.

We are always looking to improve the store, every week we add new products. Add better ways to shop, as well as sales and promotions in store and online.

Paintball Guns

Predator Paintball carries a large selection of paintball guns, some of our most popular seller are the Empire Axe, Empire Mini GS, Spyder Hammer 7, Tippmann A5, US Army Project Salvo, Planet Eclipse LV1.1, and the Azodin Kaos. We have cheap paintball guns starting at $29.99 and high end tournament paintball markers that can reach $1649.99.

Paintball Loaders and Hoppers

The paintball gun loader/hopper is one of the key piece for you paintball gun setup. Weather you have a Spyder, Tippmann or a DLX Luxe, getting a hopper that works best with you marker is key. The Halo Too, Valken V-Max 2 and Empire Scion are some of the best value electronic hoppers on the market. The Virtue Spire, Dye Rotor and HK Army TFX are the three best high end electronic loaders. If you have a mechanical paintball gun like a Spyder or Tippmmann a gravity feed hopper will work just fine; although maybe the addition of a cheap electronic hopper like the JT Revolution would be a good decision.

Paintball Tanks

Predator Paintball carries both Co2 tanks and compressed air tanks / HPA. Predator Paintball not only sells new paintball tanks we also have a selection of used HPA tanks. Some of our used tanks have fresh hydro dates as well as new paintball tank regulators. 

Compressed air paintball tanks are tanks that hold air straight from our atmosphere, and are becoming more popular everyday. All of todays high end guns and many midrange guns require the use of compressed air

CO2 tanks use a mixture of liquid and gas, to fire a paintball marker. CO2 tanks while at one time very popular are waning in popularity. They can be used with gun like the Azodin Kaos, Spyder Victor or US Army Carver One.

 Ask us we can help!

Have a question about a product? Want to know what shipping methods would be best? Ask us we are here to help. Give us a call or come by the store.