The best paintball gun?


In a recenter artive the guys over at paintball ruined my life, made a killer list of the best guns in paintball.

Do you use a low pressure tank?

If you have ever wanted to make you Ninja regulator low pressure, just made a killer guide on getting it done!.

We Are Moving, Moving On Up!

Predator Paintball 4620 watt ave



It’s time. Time for us to expand!


Predator Paintball has seen it’s ups and down over the last 27 years.


Predator Paintball was the first paintball store in the Sacramento area and later expanded to four stores. In 2004 Predator was taken over by Robert Moon and and subsequently three of the satellite locations were closed, leaving only the original Watt Ave location remaining. In May of 2013 the store was taken over by myself (Brad Johnson) in that short time we have managed to outgrown our current location, in which we have been located since 1988. Yes, 1988.

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